Cleaning Air Conditioners

Cleaning Air Conditioners

Keeping your air conditioner running well so that it lasts and works at new maximum effciency relies upon keeping it clean with the occassional service.

Cleaning your Air Conditioner

Check the instruction manual about how to access and clean the air filters and any other user-maintainable parts.

Is your air conditioner toxic?

Servicing your Air Conditioner

Some manufacturers recommend servicing your air conditioner every 2 years. Others say to only service when you find a fault.

Checklist for Air Conditioning Service Maintenance

Air Conditioning Comfort

Split System Air Conditioner Operation

Split System Air Conditioner Operation
Humidity Gold Coast

Climate Considerations

Our warm humid semi-tropical climate from Brisbane to Gold Coast require extra care to maintain your air conditioning systems.

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Our installers create aesthetic design and performance. Using premium quality materials ensures your air conditioner provides years of comfort.


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